Vienna Degrowth Days // 20 - 25 November 2020

Call for Contributions is open now! 

Transformation by design, not by disaster!

Together we want to find ways towards a post-capitalist society. At the Degrowth Vienna 2020 online conference we were able to discuss and identify various pathways to social-ecological transformation with more than 4000 participants. Working time reduction, food sovereignty, transnational solidarity or housing are just a few of the areas that were discussed in detail – and yet there was far too little time to develop concrete strategies or to exchange diverse perspectives in person. So we will continue:

From the November 20th until 25th the Vienna Degrowth Days will provide a space to discuss, connect and learn more about strategies for degrowth. Each day will be filled with various workshops, panel discussions and other formats. 

The global pandemic uncovered the unprecedented urgency of an immediate and radical transformation of the dominant, growth-dependent mode of production and living. Ecological, social and economic crises call for an immediate change. Degrowth provides visions for an economy that doesn‘t depend on growth and is organised democratically, a society that is organised around the good life for all instead of the constant accumulation of capital. During the online conference in May some thematic fields were identified as central to the current development of strategies. These include Decolonisation, Feminism, Diversity, Work, Food, Housing, and Mobility. 

As in the online conference we want to keep the focus on strategies for Degrowth and social-ecological transformation. Our team is currently working on an exciting program around the topics above that includes discussions, workshops, performances, walks, presentations and more. 

The sessions will take place at adequate venues in Vienna. We ensure high hygiene measurements in line with the requirements of the respective COVID-19 situation. Parts of the program might be online and several discussions will be streamed online. 

Stay tuned for the registration opening in late October! 

We encourage everybody to present at the Vienna Degrowth Days. Our Call for Contributions is open now and we are looking forward to receiving many submissions. Submit your proposal until the 18th of October

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