Because of the uncertainty around the current global pandemic health crisis, the Degrowth Vienna 2020 conference will not be held in the previously planned format.

After debates of available options we decided to switch the set-up of the event to a digital format.

At this point, we are still working on how to make this event happen and are looking into different options, which enable us to use as much as possible of the content that was already prepared for the physical conference and to present it to an even larger audience online.
All participants that already paid, will get a full refund of the participantion fee (except transaction fees).

Information for all submitters:
Every submitter should have received a feedback regarding their submission. If you have not heard anything, please contact us at

Information for accepted submissions: 
If your submission was accepted for the physical conference, you should have received an email from us regarding the change to the online format. 
If your submission was accepted and you have not received an update-email, please contact us at

First Facts

  • around 1000 participants, among them scholars, activists, artists, lay-persons, local actors, and many more
  • ~300 submissions 
  • ~100 sessions of 90 minutes on Saturday and Sunday
  • >10 panels
  • Cultural programme including musical acts, live performances and activist action
  • “Harvesting” of all contributions to crystallise the outcomes
  • Vegan food provided by local collectives including breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • Non-flying conference wanted: Please use alternative travelling, see also here
  • We’re working hard to make the conference as barrier free and accessible as possible, if you have special needs please contact

The opening event in the historical Studio Building of the Academy of Fine Arts will start with a introductory workshop on degrowth organised by Radix – a Viennese collective for transformative education. In the early evening, the opening panel will discuss current political developments, and why we need strategies for Degrowth transformation. Afterwards, Rhizomatic Circus is ready to present a utopian performance with projections and aerial acrobatics in the halls of the historical studio building of the Academy of Fine Arts followed by musical acts. 

By exploring theories of social change and the fraught history of societal transformations, this day will illuminate the contours of transformation processes. Through historical insights and direct experiences, we explore obstacles, pathways, potentials, and the limits of ongoing and past transformations, as well as how strategies are formulated, adapted and developed within these transformation processes.

Day three is dedicated to gather various actors and scientists of different thematic fields to collaboratively discuss and work on strategies towards degrowth.

This is a space to reflect on existing strategies and to connect different actors in order to share knowledge, inspire each other and develop existing strategies further. In particular the “consecutive sessions” (up to three sessions in one row that build on each other) were co-designed with various civil society actors and activists that have been part of the preparation process of the conference.

This day is dedicated to build on the “harvest” of the previous days to commonly create synergies for the future. The participants are invited to share their learnings, discuss important takeaways and common next steps.

Specials @Conference

Consecutive Sessions

Consecutive sessions are a unique format of the conference. The idea is to provide space and time for a thorough reflection of the current situation and possible strategies in the respective fields. The consecutive sessions are organised by the conference team in collaboration with civil society organisations, activist groups and institutes that work in the respective fields. Consecutive sessions will cover two to three sessions in a row on sunday. Currently we plan with eleven consecutive sessions on sunday


The harvesting process is integrated into the entire conference program. The aim is to extract – “harvest” – the most important insights, ideas, aha-moments of the panels, sessions and contributions, both individually and collectively, throughout the conference, thereby crystallizing knowledge creation, as well as learning, emotional experiences and insights.

Therefore, the members of the harvesting team will participate in the main events and invite participants to share their experiences.

Child Care

As our conference weekend will be a holiday’s weekend we will also provide child care during the conference days so that parents can participate in the conference program.

Public Program in Collaboration with 4althangrund

4lthangrund is an initiative of residents of the area of Althangrund in the 9th district of Vienna. They Are committed to creating and sustaining affordable housing as well as cultural, artistic and social space – for all.

We are happy to cooperate with 4lthangrund! They will provide a public program on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st to complement our conference. Their public programme will feature introductory contributions to Degrowth with a focus on housing, urban development and degrowth in arts.

Closing Party on Sunday

On Sunday evening, a common party with the conference participants and the broader public will take place at 4lthangrund with several musical acts, lively electronic music and dance floors.

Learn more about the public program on the website of 4lthangrund: