Participate in the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference!

There are three ways to register for the conference:  Via the regular registration,  via our quotas or as a volunteer.
If you handed in a submission via the submission platform, you’ll be informed on the acceptance of you proposal by the 8th of March and will get the chance to register seperately. You don’t have to register via the aforementioned options in this case.

We need to cover a considerable share of the conference costs (45%) via participant fees. We're therefore reliant on you contributing financially to the conference. 
Prices include participation in all three conference days and three meals a day + snacks and coffee. 
  • 250 € Regular fee: people who are financed via their employer or that are in a stable financial situation
  • 150 € Reduced fee: For people who self-finance their participation (e.g. students, activists, participants from civil society)
  • 75 € Extra reduced fee: please only pay the extra reduced fee if you don't have the financial means to participate otherwise. E.g. if you have no regular job or live with low financial means (Consider that your place will be co-financed by other participants)

We can provide about 350 open spots for the conference (excluding submitters, hosts of consecutive sessions and the quota spots). To not apply the "first come first serve" principle and make sure that not only the fastest people can participate, we will do a lottery in case of higher number of applications than open spots.
The registration for this lottery starts March 1st and ends March 20th.
If you are part of the organising team or want to volunteer, you don't have to register for the lottery. Learn more about volunteering below!
If you register regularly you have to fill in the form on our website that will appear here on March 1st. In case of a higher number of applications than open spots, the places will be distributed randomly by the lottery. The lottery will be completely independent of the day of the registration.
After the end of the application period, the open spots will be allocated and on the 23th of March in the morning, everyone will be informed via Email if (s)he received a spot. Within 24 hours, the place has to be confirmed and payed. Afterwards the spot might be given to another person.
We are very sorry in case you do not get a spot but the conference venue can't unfortunately host more than 1000 participants. There will be also an exciting open program in cooperation with 4lthangrund. More infos on that follow!

Experience and surveys during the last degrowth conferences show that the audience is predominantly white and academic. We therefore strive to increase the diversity of participants. We have designated quotas for people of various backgrounds. By that we want to encourage people with non-ademic backgrounds, people who suffer from ableist systems, members of migrant communities, LGBTQIAs, BPOC (black/people of colour), people who care, plant or repair to participate in the conference.
The groups/organisations we have selected internally have at least one reference to these criteria and have been proposed by the organisation team or the advisory board. A link to degrowth is not necessary.
If you are a self-organized group or organisation related to the aforementioned and would like to receive quota spots: please write an e-mail to until the 20th of March.
The number of available spots depends on the size of your group/organisation:
  • Small groups/organisations (up to 1000 members): 3 spots
  • Middle sized groups/organisations (between 1000 and 5000 members): 8 spots
  • Big organisations (more than 5000 members): 10 spots
Quotas are available for the normal price. For groups/organisations which can not afford this, prices are negotiable. Please get in touch with us if this is the case:

We are also looking for volunteers who help us on the conference itself! For approximately 12-16 hours of your time and energy during the conference, you can participate for free. You should also be availabe in person one day before the start of the conference. Write to if you want to become a volunteer. We would be happy about your support!