Degrowth Vienna

Strategies for social-ecological transformation

Our new project: Donut City Vienna

Make Vienna a Donut City – that’s our next big vision. We want to bridge the two concepts Degrowth and Doughnut-Economy (by Kate Raworth) within our new project, the “Donut City Vienna”, and want to make Vienna a environmentally safe and socially just space for all.

Publication: Degrowth & Strategy

Since August 2020, a team of eight motivated degrowth scholars and activists has been working on a conference-follow up publication entitled Degrowth & Strategy.

From the November 20th until 25th 2020 the Vienna Degrowth Dayswill provided a space to discuss, connect and learn more about strategies for degrowth. Each day was filled with various workshops, panel discussions and other formats. As in the online conference we kept the focus on strategies for Degrowth and social-ecological transformation. 

“Degrowth Vienna 2020 – Strategies for social-ecological transformation” was an online event that took place in spring 2020. The conference considered the role of strategy for a degrowth transformation and offered room for exchanging, reflecting and developing strategies with scholars, practitioners, artists and activists.

Collected impressions from the documentation process (Harvesting), that were collected in the form of  “Graphic Recording” as well as recordings of the bigger panels are available on our Youtube Channel.