What is degrowth?

When we talk about degrowth or post growth we mean a ecological sustainable and socially just economy and society. The well being of all and the considerations to ecological boundaries range on top priorities. We know that infinite growth isnt possible on a finite planet. The goal of degrowth is therefore a social ecological transformation that enables a good life for all. Degrowth connects proposals, utopias, scientific findings and practical projects that show how such a transformed society could look like.

We distance ourselves from forms of growth criticism that do not focus on ensuring a good life for all. We reject right-wing, racist and sexist forms of growth critique.

You like the idea, but how’s that gonna work?

-Orientation towards a good life for all – this includes a slower life, prosperity and a good life together.
-Less production and consumption in the Global North, more self-determination and opportunities in the Global South.
-More democracy for genuine political participation.
-Social Improvement and Sufficiency orientation
-Emphasis on regional economic cycles.

Questions we will deal with at the conference:

-How is the world doing and why we need strategies for a new economy and society?
-What does transformation mean and what do past change processes look like?
-What do concrete Degrowth strategies look like?
-In which social areas, e.g. transport, energy supply, can existing strategies be further developed and reflected?