The Organisation Team and the Advisory Board of the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference, October 2019

Organisational Structure

Advisory board

The Advisory Board is the body that accompanies the creation of the conference. It consists of representatives from the hosting institutes and organisations, other scientists and representatives from civil society organisations and movements.

The Organising Team

Ágnes Medve
Alejandra Barrera
Christiane Brosche
Daniel Gusenbauer
Felix Leininger
Gabriel Eyselein
Gerald Hofbauer

Halliki Kreinin
Hannah Müller
Ines Omann
Iris Frey
Katharina Spanlang
Lena Gerdes

Lisette von Maltzahn
Livia Regen
Maja Hoffmann
Max Hollweg
Merle Schulken
Nadine Versell
Nathan Barlow

Peter Meszaros
Sarah Nowak
Suanna Scheck
Tone Smith-Spash
Thomas Neier
Verena Wolf


The content working group coordinates the program, submissions, the outreach process and consecutive sessions. It is also responsible for documentation, in cooperation with WU students.


The finance group is responsible for raising money to make the conference financially possible.

Public Relations

The public relation working group presents the conference to the public via social media, our website, print material, and connecting with media partners.


The logistics working group is responsible for the conference location and all equipment needs. This group also coordinates the volunteers.


The food working group takes care of the catering for our organizing meetings/retreats and they will make sure everyone is fed during the conference!

Arts and Culture

The arts and culture working group designs the evening program and organizes cultural events throughout the conference.

Internal Communication and Care

The internal communication and care group ensures good communication practices within the organizing team, creates a comfortable environment and supports in case of disagreements or challenges.

Participant Coordination

The participant coordination working group aims for a balanced & diverse conference participation. They also coordinate accommodation.