Degrowth Vienna

Strategies for social-ecological transformation

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Degrowth Vienna is working on a book entitled “Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation” that highlights the importance of engaging with strategy in the degrowth movement. The book collects contributions from both scholars and activists and draws conclusions for the degrowth community and beyond on how to make social-ecological transformation happen. We need your support to keep the project going!

Our project "Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt"

We bring the discussion about a post-growth society to Vienna level. Following the vision of a “Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt” (Degrowth City), where beyond economic growth a good life for all is secured within ecological boundaries, we explore the question of what this can mean for Vienna and in Vienna.

Global Degrowth Day 2021

Warum die Politik die Beiträge der Postwachstumsbewegung nicht länger ignorieren darf
Der diesjährige Weltumwelttag fällt mit dem 3. internationalen Postwachstumstag (Global Degrowth Day 2021) zusammen. Thematisch besteht ein enger Zusammenhang, denn im Kern der Postwachstumsbewegung steht die Frage, wie ein gutes Leben für alle innerhalb der ökologischen Grenzen des Planeten organisiert werden kann.

Publication: Degrowth & Strategy

Since August 2020, a team of eight motivated degrowth scholars and activists has been working on a conference-follow up publication entitled Degrowth & Strategy.